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Purchase orders and specifications

The purchase order issued by the Buyer shall not be regarded as accepted by the Seller unless confirmed in writing by the latter or a representative of the Seller within 21 days of making out the purchase order. Quantity, quality and description or any other specifications of the goods and services shall be governed by a quotation submitted by the Seller, if approved by the Buyer, or by the purchase order confirmed by the Buyer. The Buyer is responsible for accuracy of the conditions and data in the purchase order made out by him and shall be responsible for providing information necessary for the Seller related to the order goods and services and the way of delivery well in advance so the Seller would be able to perform the contract according to its conditions. Should the goods of the Seller to be modified from the standard design or newly developed or should any processes to be applied to the goods or services by the Seller in conformity with the specification submitted by the Buyer, the latter assumes responsibility for breach of any patents, copyrights, design, trademarks, other intellectual property rights of third parties in relation with the specifications required by him and shall be responsible for any compensation of material damage incurred to the Seller due to application of any claims raised by third parties against the Seller. In case of the changes mentioned above, price of the goods and services shall be specified in an individual calculation of the Seller, whereas the Seller shall have the right to include any and all costs and expenses related to the development or making of stock reserves resulting from the application of the specification submitted by the Buyer to the Seller. In case of disputes, the price specified in the price list of the Seller or in the original quotation without inclusion of modifications required by the Buyer at any time later may not be referred to. The Seller reserves the right to make any changes in the specifications of the goods or in the provision of the services required by law.

Price of the Goods

The price of the goods shall corresponds to the price specified in the quotation of the Seller or should no price be specified, to the price specified in the price list published by the Seller and effective as of the day of acceptance of the purchase order. In case the goods is delivered for the purpose of export from the Czech Republic, the prices mentioned in the export section of the Seller’s price list shall be used. Based on a notification sent to the Buyer at any time before the delivery, the Seller reserves his right to increase the price of the goods or of the service to reflect costs of the Seller being out of control of the Seller for any reason (for example, fluctuations of exchange rates, monetary regulation, changes to customs tariffs, significant increase of costs for materials or other production costs), or to change the delivery terms unless the price and term of the delivery were confirmed by the Seller as fixed. The price is without value added tax and the Buyer shall pay the same to the Seller in addition to the purchase price at the amount specified by applicable legislation effective as of date of invoicing.